Management Team

Helmut Fluhrer

Dr. Helmut Fluhrer

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Helmut Fluhrer is an entrepreneur and business professional with over 30 years of experience in building mid- to large-sized companies from scratch in the media world, creating technology leaders in the areas of satellite television (SAT 1) and digital publishing (Axel Springer Publishing, Hubert Burda Media). He managed the biggest medical publication in the world, “Medical Tribune”, in over 15 countries and co-managed a European-wide network of leading business papers.

He also did pioneering work in the Internet business with “Health Online Service“, the first b-to-b offering in the healthcare industry, and founded companies in the environmental sector. Fluhrer spent many years in Asia, USA, Australia, United Arab Emirates, as well as West and East European countries.

Dr. Helmut Fluhrer has dedicated a lot of time to creating and supporting institutions for entrepreneurship. As a member of the World Economic Forum, Senator of the Junior Chamber International, a long-term member of “Europe’s 500” (the association of Europe’s fastest growing companies), the founder of the prize “Bavaria’s Best 50” and of several Russian and East-European business institutions, he has participated in many events for entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership.

He is also a co-founder of the MAN@EARTH Foundation and the initiative “Talents without Borders”.

For his efforts that lead to the creation of global healthcare networks for the Roman Catholic Church, he was knighted by the Order St. John Knights of Malta.

Elena Davydova

Elena Davydova

Executive Director

Elena Davydova is highly experienced across a broad range of current technologies. Elena Davydova has been dealing with the due diligence of technology-transfer projects across several European and Gulf countries, and the USA. She has been closely involved in the creation of IP and the whole patenting process – from drafting to submission – in respect of new environmental technologies.

Aside from IP matters, Elena has also participated in top-level international negotiations for setting standards across a range of industries. She was a lecturer at the European University Business School in Munich, and also taught in a number of Arab countries.

Elena Davydova is a Co-Founder of “Talents without Borders”.

Quotes on brainmate

“brainmate is the best tool available to gather the information we need as entrepreneurs to protect the actual value of our companies – the intellectual property which was built by many experts over many years. Before we invest millions , we want to have the best possible information.” Mark Turrell
Founder Orcasci, Young Global Leader and Technology Leader World Economic Forum
“Nothing is as unclear as the future. There are many tools for forecasting and sketching a scenario of upcoming changes in the competitive landscape. They all suffer from a lack of precise information. Probably the only perfectly accurate instrument is an analysis based on the research of the patents that have been granted up to today. Nobody spends a lot of money on a patent if he is not willing to commercialize it.” Dr. Péter Balas
Deputy Director-General for Trade, European Commission