“brainmate’s service is the early warning system for industry and the economy.
You listen every day to the weather forecast – but how often do you check the IP your business is built on?”


brainmate has developed a sophisticated networking database which covers all relevant sources of national and international patent information and far beyond it. This unique infrastructure enables our IP lawyers to perform a comprehensive analysis of your company’s IP status, which is complemented then by detailed advice from our industry and technology experts.

Intangible assets are now the main factor in the valuation of enterprises and currently account around 90% of the index’s total assets. This historical high is an indicator to just how influential technology has become in our lives, assuming that just in the last decades, intangibles have evolved from a supporting asset (just 17% in 1975) into a major consideration for investors!

Intangible assets include R&D, intellectual property, and computerized information such as data and software. While they’re often difficult to value due to certain accounting practices, e.g. according to some reliable sources intangibles of the US market were worth over $21 trillion in 2019.

The only way of protecting the key elements of intangible assets is through IP rights, using patents to safeguard technical innovations. Patents are essential for innovation-driven industries, which is confirmed by the huge rise in lawsuits and IP-related transactions, all involving billions of dollars.

There is now a high demand for professional guidance and consulting services in this field. brainmate offers its services to:   
Experts warn that there are often quite significant misestimations in the valuation of patents. It is easy to appraise a company’s real estate, but defining the value of a patent is much more complex. Whether there is an over- or an underestimation - both can lead to very costly consequences.
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Quotes on brainmate

„Reading the patent information and literature carefully not only enterprises, but also regions can check and compare their technology profile with the competitors ... By doing so decision makers in economy, science, politics and administration can receive valuable information.” Prof. Erich Greipl
President Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Patent-Report Bavaria 2011
“Nothing is as unclear as the future. There are many tools for forecasting and sketching a scenario of upcoming changes in the competitive landscape. They all suffer from a lack of precise information. Probably the only perfectly accurate instrument is an analysis based on the research of the patents that have been granted up to today. Nobody spends a lot of money on a patent if he is not willing to commercialize it.” Dr. Péter Balas
Deputy Director-General for Trade, European Commission