Removing COVID-19 Viruses & more from the Air | Relaunch Economy | Reduce risk
No one would argue these days that inhalation of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) serve as a major transmission route for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

To ensure the most effective air control Brainmate experts developed unique device Virus-EX able to remove harmful viruses from the air and decontaminate them.


To find a solution to protecting the air quality from harmful particles like coronavirus in indoor spaces.


To combine proven eco-friendly technologies and provide the unique solution for air decontamination in small, but above all very large indoor spaces.

Race Against The Time

Sustainable and healthy indoor environment has received increasing attention during the coronavirus crisis, causing challenging society-altering interventions we’ve been all living through since last year.

In this regard air decontamination from harmful particles became the key issue not only for healthcare or security sectors, but for the majority of them. Return to ‘normal’ will take longer than previously anticipated, despite the recent excitement concerning the stunning developments in vaccination.
We can probably talk about the transition to the “next normal”, where more conscious approach to technologies guaranteeing virus-free air quality will take place. There will be a need in such technologies longer than expected as achieving an immunity of the population will take longer and virus mutations will extend the pandemic.

Brainmate’s Experts Developed Highly Efficient Air Decontaminator

VIRUS-EX closes the market gap for large-volume efficient air cleaning devices for the nanoparticle range, especially for viruses like the corona virus. The group of companies has a unique knowledge of the handling of aerosols from its 15 years of activity in the amplification of rainfall. The present solution combines the technologies of air ionization with electro- spraying. Each of them has an efficiency of about 70% for the destruction of nanoparticles. The created interaction will achieve a success of about 99%. Consumables such as filters are not needed, the energy requirement is comparatively extremely low.


Brainmate's patented invention is the creation of an apparatus for the electrostatic deactivation and removal of biologically hazardous and other aerosols from the air. This air purification and disinfection is achieved by combining the ionization of the air and the electrospraying of special liquids to collect and remove the pollutants. This combination is scalable and therefore also suitable for the rapid cleaning of very large air volumes.

Impact on the economy


Two versions of the device are planned, sketches show designs:

Small version: rooms of 150 m2 and 500-1000 m3/h

Large version: spaces up to 5000 m2 and up to 50.000 m3/h

Quotes on brainmate

“Nothing is as unclear as the future. There are many tools for forecasting and sketching a scenario of upcoming changes in the competitive landscape. They all suffer from a lack of precise information. Probably the only perfectly accurate instrument is an analysis based on the research of the patents that have been granted up to today. Nobody spends a lot of money on a patent if he is not willing to commercialize it.” Dr. Péter Balas
Deputy Director-General for Trade, European Commission
“The business concept of brainmate is simply an excellent solution for the industry!” Prof. Ruslan Grinberg
Director, Institute for International Economic and Political Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences