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Check the competitiveness of your company’s IP assets, in particular your patents, asking yourself the following questions:





1. Do you know who will be your competitor in five years from now?
2. Do you know how much your patents are worth?
3. Does the value of your intangible assets represent less than 30% of your company’s value?
4. Are you certain there is no achilles heel in your IP portfolio? Otherwise, do you know how to fix the issue to ensure a positive outcome in the event of litigation?
5. Do you know of anyone who has plans similar to yours and is likely to start the same type of business?
6. Do you understand the real value and uniqueness of IP assets when performing due diligence, either as an investor or the acquirer of a business or company?
7. Have you ever thought of purchasing patents or licenses from a third party to strengthen your company’s IP situation?
8. Do you know how to generate additional profits from your IP assets by licensing them?
9. Do you know the implications of “open innovation” for your business?
10. Do you have a comprehensive overview of your regional competitive landscape?


Did you answer “NO” more than 5 times?

In that case we recommend you to contact brainmate for an initial consulting session.

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“There will be a war over IP – the key to the future! I think China is currently doing best, especially if we keep in mind the short history of business and IP in this country.“ Axel Stellbrink
Patent Lawyer and Innovation Strategist
“brainmate’s database and unique expertise are the only possibilities for companies and financing governments to secure their decisions. Nobody else I know can provide such a quality.” Don Kummerfeld
Don Kummerfeld, former First Deputy Mayor of NY, CEO of the Emergency Financial Control Board